Get your child accustomed to words and enhance their guessing power with Zephyr Count Down. This is an exciting game brought to you by Kids Mandi where the player has to guess the letters in order to form the word. Zephyr Toys gives the classic game of guessing the right word, an all new look by introducing this game. An enthralling word game which consists two sturdy plastic kit boxes and plastic alphabet pegs, is perfect for a fun filled playing experience. This Count Down game by Zephyr Toys can be enjoyed by two or more players. You also have an option of forming two teams and play this word guessing game. You can start with forming easy words and then move on to tougher ones, this way your child's thinking abilities get challenged and they start thinking more creatively. Suitable for children aged above five years, this Count Down game by Zephyr Toys can be gifted to children, irrespective of the gender. Enjoy happy hours with your family and friends by bringing home this Count Down game.

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