"The new Match Attax is back and is the new talk of the town with its exclusive collection of the season 22/23 bringing you closer to your favorite footballing stars from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Europa Conference League. Not only this, Match Attax is better than before, and it brings you closer to your idols along with new and exciting cards to collect, look out for NEW Black Edge cards, NEW Black, Neon, Blue, and Match Attax Master Limited Edition cards, NEW Genuine Autograph combo cards, NEW Game Changer cards, and NEW Relic cards. This also comes with Legends, Match Attax 15th Anniversary Heritage cards, Chrome Shield cards, Crystal Parallels, and Prismatic cards alongside 100 Club and the Unbeatable 100 Club card. You all must be wondering why and what makes this pack the Multipack, right? The multipack of the new Match Attax cards comes with a set of 20 cards, including Base cards – 13 per pack, Mirror foil cards – 2 per pack, Holo foil cards – 2 per pack, Heritage foil cards – 1 per pack, 100 Club Card – 1 per pack, Black board Card – 1 per 6 pack, Limited Edition – 1 per pack, Digital coupon code – 1 per pack, Quiz n win card – 1 per 3 pack"

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