"The Hundred is back and so is Cricket Attax! A perfect trading card collection for cricket enthusiasts of all ages. Our featuring: 328 Cricket Attax cards to collect in addition to 16 Limited Editions that include Gold, Diamond, and Ultra Rare Platinum Red variants. Explore the all-new Matchwinners, Team Logos, and 100 club cards plus find the ultimate cards inside this collection - Centurions! Just when you thought cricket attax couldn't get any better, check out the incredible things you can do with eight special cards this year. If you find a QR code on the back of a cricket Attax card, don't ignore it..you can bring that player to life by scanning the QR code with a smartphone. A 3D-generated model of the player will appear and you won't believe how cool it looks. Don't miss you! New for Cricket Attax 2022 are Super Boosters, Gone for Four and Hit for Six, Future Legends, New Signings, and Captain Fantastic. A full fixture list is included inside the Collector Guide along with an A2 game mat inside every Game Pack. A Bit More: Topps Cricket Attax Smart Pack is a cool collection of 124 Cricket Attax cards to add to your team. With 3 Guaranteed Limited Edition Cards, 12 Value Packs (10 cards each), 1 Double Player Game Mat, 1 Game Rules, and finally 1 Digital Coupon Code, the Smart Pack contains everything to make your collection go super awesome."

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