Let your little one s imagination take flight with the Colour Discovery Hot-Air Balloon from Tomy. Scatter the seven colorful animal tiles around the floor and go looking for one of the colors. Ask your child to call out the color then land the balloon on the tile, the sides of the balloon will glow the same color as the tile, then the balloon will call out the correct color. Search any of seven animals pictured on the tiles. Flip them over, mix the up and start againThe TOMY Infant and Toddler range have a complete product offering of family favourite toys that encourage your child s development, and keep your little ones entertained for hours! TOMY have a knowledgeable understanding of children s playtime needs, and continue to provide cleverly designed toys that ensure involved and Kid-Powered play. TOMY use KID POWERED play to reward children for their efforts of movement, motion and involvement whilst playing, with fun toys with engaging lights and sounds and learning content! This fuels their imaginations which encourage them to play for longer!

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