Get ready to rumble with this colorful dump truck vehicle that encourages hands-on exploration and discovery. Pull the boulder in the truck bed and this truck really rumbles and rocks! Little hands can easily roll this vehicle back and forth on the floor for a fun activity that s sure to kick playtime into high gear ! Colorful dump truck vehicle rrrr-rumbles when you pull the boulder and zooms off when you push it! Ages 12 months and up. Busy Basics Rumblin' Rollers Crane. Are you ready to rumble? This hardworking crane is geared up for fun! Pull the hook to make this cool crane rumble and rock. Push the vehicle and it zooms to the job!. Features Getting active with physical movements and hands-on play. Your children will certainly have fun going places with these Rumblin' rollers. Discovering the world through sight, sound and touch. The unique textures of these colorful cars and the rumbling noises they make when the cord is pulled add up to new sensations of touch, sight, and sound

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