Kids won t be able to stop giggling with the gas out game. Gustier the gas cloud is full of intestinal discomfort and he s ready to rip. Place him on the center of the table and then deal 3 gas out cards to each player. If you play a number card, press gustier as many times as the number shown but watch out. Guster s blasts are not silent and they re definitely deadly. If gustier farts, you re out. Other gas out cards in the deck keep the fun tooting along like the skip card which sends gustier onto the next player, or the reverse card that blows him back in the opposite direction. Be the last player to keep gustier the gas cloud from farting during your turn, and you win. Includes gustier (the electronic gas cloud) and 56 gas out cards. Colors and decorations may vary. Features: Be the last player to pass gustier the gas cloud without him farting and win. Players take turns playing gas out number cards in their hand and pressing gustier as many times as shown. If gustier farts during your turn you re out. Special game changing gas out cards like skip and reverse keep the play tooting along. Includes electronic gustier the gas cloud and one deck of gas out cards. Hours of giggling fun for the whole family. Product information and photograph represent current planning only. We reserve the right to make changes in the products shown or to discontinue the products without further notice. The product information and photographs in these sell documents are only for internal use of the recipients and are not to be used for advertising or distributed to third parties.

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