Create giant-sized Action Toys figure battles with the 20-inch Marvel Titan Hero Series Spider-Man figure! At a towering 20 inches, Titan Hero Series Spider-Man is ready to join in the combat to save the world! This extra-large Spider-Man figure features basic articulation. Copyright Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.Celebrate a classic character with the Marvel Titan Hero Series 20" Spider-Man Figure. It's a fun choice for play. This toy features realistic details that come straight from the Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors series, including the iconic blue and red costume with graphic. It's easy to pose with a range of basic articulation points at the waist and shoulders. Pair this Spider-Man action figure with other favorite Marvel toys to create Titan-sized battles (each sold separately). It makes a wonderful gift option for birthdays, holidays or any occasion.

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