Look in the mailbox Heidi and harry the hamsters have been invited to a birthday party. Stephanie has attached wagons to her bike and loads them up with balloons, a birthday gift, and party hats while the hamsters have fun on their playground. Now it s time for the tiny hamsters to hop onto the party train and off to the party they go. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure plus Heidi and harry the hamsters. Features a bicycle with turning wheels and 3 attachable wagons to pull along, as well as a hamster playground with a slide and an opening mailbox. Accessory elements include a party invitation, birthday gift, hair bow, 3 party hats, 2 balloons and a hamster food bowl. Open the mailbox to find the party invitation. Join the carriages to the bike, help the hamsters get on board, then pull them along to the party. This set offers an age appropriate building experience.

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