Mecha shark face-off play set is a high stakes head-to-head monster truck battle where winners get the trophy and everyone else gets eaten by the shark two hot wheels 1:64 scale monster trucks with their signature giant wheels are up against each other and a menacing mechanical shark. One truck is a die-cast hot wheels racing truck and the other a break-apart crash test vehicle called "crash recruit" unique to this set. Kids test their timing skills in a circular arena with a large trophy cup in the center. Get the action started and place trucks on opposing launchers to slam into each other in two player mode land inside the trophy to win or miss and become shark bait features:Mad, crashing and smashing action with monster trucks and a mechanical shark face-off and slam launch monster trucks targeting the trophy to knock out opponents first truck to land inside the trophy wins and the others become shark bait mecha shark is activated when kids' monster trucks land in the trophy and trip the button if a truck lands without triggering the shark there's a chance to knock them out and get it done. Hot wheels racing truck and break-apart crash recruit vehicle included .Unleash your kids imagination and supercharge their self-expression through play hot wheels monster trucks mecha shark face-off play set hot wheels monster trucks giant mechanized shark nemesis play set with 2 monster trucks.

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