Who said eggs can only be in white? Bright colourful eggs that come apart and can be fitted together. And can nest one inside the other. Colourful and bright, these nesting eggs from Funskool help your children to develop in many ways and help them in the long run. 5 Take Apart Colorful Eggs In Different Sizes That Nest The five colourful nesting eggs can be pulled apart and joined again. Matching Colors, Shapes And Sizes These toy eggs help your children to understand the shapes and sizes and also help them to match the colours and join the eggs. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination Your children will enhance their hand-eye coordination when they see the colours and join the pieces of the nesting eggs accordingly. Develops The Child's Observation Skills Your children will elevate their observation skills when they play with this toy as they learn how to differentiate between different colours and shapes while playing with the set.

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