Plays and Giggles loves to bounce and play, and she says fun things for your daughter to respond to, like "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!" And all the time she's playing, the giggling keeps going! Give your little girl a playtime gigglefest with this Plays and Giggles Baby doll!He is stylish and smart and every little toddler would love to be his best friend.Don t take smiley sam for a little boy, for He is the smartest-dressed boy in town! A blue checked cotton shirt and brightly colored trousers show his colorful Personality.His brown hair, his buckle, shoe laces and large button add to his vibrancy.Dress him, undress him, play with him, and note the mischievous smile on his face that will Learn Dressing Activities keep you wondering Whats going on in his mind

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