Funskool Fantastic Jewel Designer is imagining creating one's own designer jewelry! It is a dream comes true for every girl! It is an easy-to-make kit with a jewelry base that can be filled with a variety of accessories. This set includes Includes: 1 jewel box, 6 button clasps and 6 button covers, 2 rings, 2 necklace loops, 1 necklace chord, 24 jewel tops, 24 jewel bases and 6 trinkets, 1 bag of rhinestones, 1 bag of confetti, 1 bag of beads, 1 bag of glitter, 1 bottle glue and 1 bottle of glitter gel, 2 hair clips, 1 art sheet, 1 sheet of double stick tape and 1 label sheet, Detailed instruction sheet.

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