Your child s imagination has a great deal of liberty with this amusing and attractive assembling kit, Clipo Senior, by Funskool. Easy to Connect: The set comes with bristled pieces which can be easily connected by pressing them together. The Clipo pieces are designed in such a way that they can be handled effortlessly by small hands of your kid. Safe for Hands: The bristles of the Clipo pieces are rounded, thus safe for your child s gentle hands. Boosts-Up Creativity: Your little one can create whatever he/she wants to. It can be a house, a car, an animal or a human figure as well. There is no limit to your child s creativity with Clipo Senior by Funskool.Let the fun begin. With Clip Senior First Builders Deluxe Building Set, your little ones can start building and create trucks, towers and anything else that they can imagine. This set encourages creativity and hours of open-ended play. The blue, yellow, red and green, pink, orange blocks in this set are perfect to fit little hands. This set contains 64 pieces. It helps to stimulate your child's imagination as they come up with new designs and new things to build. It enhances their learning skills by encouraging them to discover what they can do with the blocks.

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