All the young car enthusiasts having a passion for cars. The wait is over. Presenting to all the future automobile engineers and race car drivers a set of 3 jigsaw puzzles in one pack for kids above 3 years of age. People have long known that puzzles provide many benefits for children as they grow and develop. So why not engage them in an entertaining activity involving cars? Grab this pack containing 3 jigsaw puzzles in one having the main character Lightning McQueen which is known to be a racing car in the Disney movie Cars is a 6 piece puzzle. Also available in this set are the other racing cars Matera which is 4 piece and Sally Carrera which is 8 piece from the same movie which will be of great interest to your kids as they are already famous worldwide. Each of these puzzles has a dimension of 12.5 x 12.5 cm.The vivid colors and various shapes will pique your child s interest and improve their problem-solving skills. Not only will they learn to develop patience and other qualities but they will also improve on their hand-eye coordination. Both, the boy child as well as girl child will benefit from the above Jigsaw puzzle.A great mind booster, this set of epic jigsaw puzzles will not only be entertainment or a good time pass for your kids but will also help them to perform better in their exams because of the concentration leveled up. The level of concentration needed will be at the same level as this age group

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