In think and learn balance blast off., Kids add and subtract different coloured alien pieces to tip the rocket ship and blast off for the win. With two ways to play, three different colours and 24 linkable inch aliens,inch this exciting balance game makes learning a blast. Inspiring little learners to be big thinkers creativity and imagination: Connecting the aliens to build unique structures and tip the ship helps get kids' creative building juices flowing. Thinking skills: Kids can exercise their problem-solving skills as they figure out the best way to tip the ship and blast off for the win. Math concepts: pre-schoolers can put their skip-counting skills to fun use as they collect the aliens they need to match the number on the spinner and add the aliens to their side of the ship. Features: Collect enough aliens to tip the ship and blast off for the win. 2 Levels of play: Level 1- matching and colours and level 2- counting and numbers. Spin the spinner (inner for level 1, outer for level 2) and add the aliens that match the selection. Includes 24 aliens in 3 colours. Moves include adding, subtracting and moving aliens from one player's side to yours. Ideal for 2 players, ages 3-6 years fisher-price think and learn balance blast off. Preschool toy game.

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