Looking for a great & unique bulk gifting idea for kids. Well look no further. Gift a robotics kit to children. Neat & well packaged 12 set combo for bulk gifting such as return gift to kids on birthday or any other purpose. With this activity kit, children make a solid robotic toy that draws. Can a robot be an artist? Check it out yourself while your children make their first ever creative robot! Be Cre8v's Scribbler Robot is a super cool and crazy doodler that draws colourful patterns on board. With the help of a simple circuit, science and a motor This STEAM based educational robotics kit activity toy lets a child explore various concepts of friction, electronics, automation, design, geometry, and fun with robotics. Doodling helps children in a myriad of ways. It encourages them to be creative, increase their hand-eye coordination, concentration and memorization skills. Thereby we call it the ‘Best toy’ for children above 6 yrs of age. In the box, a child gets all the easy-to-make parts, code for video instructions and important concepts written inside vibrantly coloured instruction manual. Through the detailed how-to-make instruction manual, information is presented to children in an attractive infographical manner. This sparks their imagination, colour recognition, and visual spatial skills. And they happily read and understand the loads of information written in it. Scribbler Robot gives every parent the satisfaction to teach their little kids through new, creative and innovative ways of learning. Cheers to 21st Century! Let’s all join hands together to preserve our child’s natural, playful way of learning with this no. 1 gift recommended by parents.

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