Creativity can solve any problem, it is indispensable to nurture this quality in our budding little futurists and we know how challenging it is for parents to actually do it. At this stage, we can imagine if there was an automatic moving brush which makes looks like a bug & cleans the surface. How magical would that be if children could make their own moving brush robot and understand concepts of science, robotics, vibration and lot more in a very playful and hands-on manner. The wish just came true. With inputs from extremely talented artists and innovative engineers, we have created a diy(do it yourself) stem based educational mini-brush robot for kids. This robot creates a fascinating sight to see a brush automatically moving with the help of simple circuits. "mini-brush robot imparts every parent the satisfaction of instilling creativity & technical skills and inclining them towards finding innovative solutions to make everyday life tasks, easier. Cheers to our 21st century! Let's all welcome our next generation kids by gifting them the joy of making their own toys, with this no. 1 gift on every child's wish list.

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