Curl, crimp and colour gorgeous hairstyles for Barbie doll. Colour change hair and a set of realistic tools allow young hairstylists to create unique looks for Barbie doll. A crimper, curler and hairbrush all work without heat. Simply take a small section of the doll s hair and spray warm water on it using the spray bottle. Using either the crimper (pressing down) or the curler (wrapping doll s hair around), hold the hair for a few seconds and release. Barbie doll s hair will not only be crimped or curled, but it will also show pops of colour. Choose from a doll with purple hair accents or pink. Three hair ties allow even more styling for creative expression and fun. To create a new look, take the hair down, wet and brush then start again. Barbie doll is ready for any look in a trendy dress with colourful print, shimmery skirt and fun shoes. Doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

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