?Chelsea doll and her puppy are ready to host friends in their ultra-cool tree house. This colourful play set has two levels and multiple zones for play fun. Set amongst the branches and leaves of a colourful background, the tree house has a doghouse built into the trunk for Chelsea doll s adorable puppy. On the outside is a swing where Chelsea doll can get some sun. Open the front doors to reveal the inside of the tree house. There s so much to do. Take the ladder that flips down up into the playroom with a window for stargazing. In the centre, a dressing room has a vanity that flips to reveal dress-up masks and a dining space holds the table and chair and is a perfect spot to much cupcakes. The other side holds a slide that flips down for a fun ride. Chelsea doll is ready to hang out all day in a casual outfit and shoes.

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